Entity Attachments, a Brief Reflection: My Part of an Email Exchange with Another Mental Health Professional

An Article by Doug Esse

The following is taken from an email exchange I had with a friend and former colleague at an area university counseling center. They have a client that presents with paranormal activities of a negative nature. The therapist is spiritual and an old soul.

This is a brief overview of the subject. In comparison to many, I know very little, but…


“…for what it’s worth, I’ll share how I understand such things.  This is based upon years of research in esoterica, mystical Christianity, and my own experiences.  One of the primary sources of my metaphysics is from an exquisite channeled material called the Law of One (LOO).  I’ve read or listened to hundreds of books on the paranormal over the years as it has been a fascination for me since I can remember.  The LOO encompasses the widest net around all of the areas into one seamless and highly undistorted presentation.  It can be found for free here: www.llresearch.org; or here: www.lawofone.info; or here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB6A57398C5BF4F25.

I’ve also written extensively about its congruence with mystical Christianity (non-colonialized version) and with psychology here: www.cosmicchrist.net
Lastly, I wrote a summary piece on the Law of One a few years ago that may be interesting: https://cosmicchrist.net/2017/06/28/the-law-of-one-an-encounter/ You may find this helpful or at least interesting. It’s not too long.

We first start with unity.  All things are one and part of this oneness. The Universe is one Being.  Creation, including humans, are the Infinite Creator’s “sense organs” where It can learn about Itself, infinitely.  God also dwells within us and we dwell within God.  It’s all true at the same time. We are God, God transcends and includes us, and also dwells within us.  The universe is made up of beings within beings within beings.  Everything is a holon of a great holographic sentience. And everything is made up of light whose essence is love.  Love is all that there is. Period.

Third Density is God’s Third Chakra


Just as we humans have 7 chakras, God has seven chakras (as below so above, as above so below).  We live within our local Creator’s third chakra which is called “Third Density.”  A density is the particular bandwidth of conscious awareness. Our earth is shifting into fourth density and for every planet which has mixed polarities within the human collective mind, the “birthing process” into the next density is always difficult.  The labor is prolonged and feels chaotic.  This is what is happening right now and millions of people know this to be true deeply within themselves, even if they eschew the idea consciously.

Within third density experience, several things are at play that provide for a very intense experience for the Creator through us.  Though it has not always been the case, for the past few billion years, third density planets have a phenomenon called the “veil of forgetting.”  This is very purposeful because the “darkness” of the veil lends itself to the formation of the faith (deep trusting without perfect certainty, all grounded in hope) and relatively quick activation of the chakras once one awakens the spiritual life within and begins the search.

One of the primary results of the veil of forgetting is the Choice. There are two paths to spiritual development: the positive polarity and the negative polarity.  Both act as catalysts for each other. Through free will, a person chooses one of these polarities that will provide the thrust for their spiritual evolution for millions of years. The following is taken from a section of my article on the Law of One (linked above):


‘The negative person intentionally chooses to dam up their lower three chakras to such an extent that metaphysical power builds and builds until a sort of spring board is created that pushes them right up to the sixth chakra. They bypass the heart altogether, finding love of others to be foolish and weak-minded.  Like their positive polarity counterparts, they must learn from their catalysts in life. They choose to view their catalysts as opportunities to increase their deliberate use of anger and hatred in order to exact revenge, control, manipulation, and as total as possible, the subjugation of all other beings.  In this way, their love for self and service-to-self spirituality keeps them in full throttle up and through the chakras of God.  The negative’s great trick is to purposefully embody the False Self, the egoic self, so that they cut effectively themselves off from Source.  They retain their divine nature, since all things are God, but they choose the separated path.

The separated being must draw their power and energy from other beings like a parasite.  Spiritual entropy prods their increasing drive to feed off of others if they want to continue on the left-hand path. By their graduation from fifth density, they are the spiritual equivalent of a black hole–extremely compacted and separate embodiments of cold and cruel sentient wisdom.  Their great dilemma as they move into the sixth density, the sixth chakra of God, is that their entropy begins to overwhelm them… no food from their parasitic siphoning completely satisfies or replenishes.  Seeing this entropy, they must leap into positivity and thus return to the one great power source.  In other words, their False Selves become too dense and begin to implode without hope of recovery. They must abandon ship and fall into their True Self where they finally accept that love of self and love of others is the same love.  They, once again and for the first time in perhaps many millions of years, rejoin the Infinite Creator.  Thus all things are reconciled and all things are redeemed.  The prodigal children return.’ 


One interesting thing about the polarities is that there exists a spectrum between the two poles.  Thought-forms, angelic or demonic beings, ET’s, and disincarnate humans all fall on the spectrum, too.  

In terms of entity attachments, as far as I can tell, there are four types:

1) Thought-forms: Every thought you’ve ever had, exists in the astral plane as its own entity.  When we think a thought and it’s especially empowered by a strong feeling, then it becomes a powerful thoughtform. 

Blessings are positive thoughtforms and curses are negative thoughtforms.  Each thoughtform is released into the astral realm and it always remains attached to some degree to its creator.  Likewise, if a thought is aimed at someone else (blessings or curses), then that thought attaches itself on the targeted person’s aura AND it remains within the energetic of the creator.  Negative thoughtforms are hungry and will search out food because they are parasitic.  Much like a person who is immunodeficient can catch a cold, pneumonia, etc, more easily, a person who is spiritually immunodeficient or engaging in magical things without protection can pick up negative thoughtforms and begin to feel spiritually sick.  

2) Demonics: Demons belong to the angelic class of beings who resonate at the negative polarity end of the spectrum. They are in the service of creating more separation within someone and between them and others.  There is a purpose to this, and we can chat about that if interested at another time.  But, yes, someone can pick up a demonic being which attaches itself to the incarnate person for the purpose of food (eating energy), causing negative loopholes so that negativity feeds negativity, or for some negative agenda of a more powerful negative being controlling the demon (ie negative ET’s or arch-demons).

3) Disincarnate humans: The “hungry ghost” is a phenomenon well known in certain schools of Buddhism.  These are humans who for various reasons cling to the third density physical realm with such tenacity that they do not move on.  They must feed their addictions, though.  They attach to people who are spiritually immuno-compromised (no judgement here…) and meet their addictions vicariously.  There is quite a bit of literature out there outlining how seers can see alcoholic ghosts hanging out in bars and ready to attach to alcoholics in the physical form.  Same with other addictions.

4) Negative ET’s: This is a very real reality.  There are fourth density and fifth density beings who have a desire to polarize more strongly along the negative path and they do so by enslaving, oppressing, and manipulating third density beings.  They often corral the services of the negative demonics to do their bidding.  They are masters at negative magic.  Much could be said here, but if interested we can chat later.

There are various ways to deal with entity attachments.  Some groups use rituals which have strengthened powerful thoughtforms that act as light/love catalysts for the attached entity.  Various churches, faiths, and also shamanic rituals have rituals honed for this type of service.

I have facilitated entity attachment removal for various clients over the years who are open to such things through work on the astral plane with the client during the session. I lead them in a trance-lite state of consciousness and through visualization link our hearts to help bring healing there.  It is not me who bears the light of Love to the client but rather it is the divine that is invoked in a focused way. Yet, in my experience, most of the time these services only provide  temporary relief because the person must move desire transformation or the entities simply return and grow stronger.

Another way that I prefer to deal with entity removal is through love and acceptance.  We can actually disempower entities through showering them with more love/light and bring the luminosity of wholeness to the entities.  There is a way to do this. These practices respect their free will to leave the host because they cannot take the love/light but are nevertheless invited to join wholeness and surrender their negative path.  (Eventually, all things merge into union and unity and from that holistic level, evil has its place within the worlds of seeming separation.  Believe it or not, evil works for good).

Thirdly, really helping the person make a decision as to what kind of person they want to be.  Using conventional methods such as shame work, ACT, narrative therapy, prayer, etc, can raise a person’s vibrations to such a degree that they become too hot for the entity to stay attached.  In other words, much of the spiritual work I do for people who have entities attached to them (and we ALL do) is through conventional means because relief can happen without the person having to know what was happening on the metaphysical level. 

Yet, for those who are inclined, I introduce them to the concepts of the Law of One and then the veil is partially removed. I’ve seen incredible speed of recovery when this happens. In fact, right now, I am leading a LOO group every other Tuesday night made up of clients (who have signed a release, of course) along with several other spiritual seekers who are really curious about the metaphysics behind it all.  These are advanced souls who are finding each other from other incarnations.  Once a client gets a glimpse of the soul’s purpose, they begin to open their heart chakra, and the game is over for the lower level entities who were attached. But they will have stronger entities that are attracted to putting out their increased light and so vigilance and support is necessary on living out the cosmic Law of One.

Indeed, with some of my clients over the years, I get an almost instant “download” of cosmic information when our auras touch as to our souls’ contracts to meet up during this lifetime for mutual spiritual awakening. It is quite true that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. And it is also true that when the teacher is ready, the student appears.  And when a client is open to metaphysical work, a lot can be done therapeutically fairly quickly.” 

2 thoughts on “Entity Attachments, a Brief Reflection: My Part of an Email Exchange with Another Mental Health Professional

  1. What a very insightful summary. It confirms a lot of what I am discovering and very much helpful in my journey to enlighten myself and those who are ready for these truths. Lots of Love and Blessings Doug


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