Our Logos Has a Bias Towards Kindness (90.21): How kinship is built into our sacred third-density experience

By Doug Esse

Ra says that our Logos (Sun) has a “bias towards kindness.” They say this 3 times. Why those words? What might this mean for our understanding of ourselves, our spiritual evolution, and the way to forward as we move into fourth density consciousness? In this article, I explore what I believe to be the most sacred points that emerge from the Law of One material, which as I’ve argued elsewhere, is for me the most elaborate articulation of the Perennial Philosophy I’ve ever encountered.


“Bias” is a particular type of “distortion,” that arises in the Experience of Mind Archetype, as Ra would put it. It is a hermeneutic, a lens through which one’s reality is interpreted. Our Logos has chosen the manner of knowing Itself informed by the Creator’s meta-experience garnered by the harvest of the previous Octave as well as the myriad of experiments by Logoi throughout our Galaxy (ref 82.10, 78.22).

What is this manner of self-knowledge, or bias, through which our Sun-Logos has chosen to know Itself? Our Logos chose to “allow more of the love and light of the Infinite Creator to be both inwardly and outwardly visible and available to the sensations and conceptualizations of [humans] undergoing Its care in experimenting” (90.23). Said differently, our Logos differentiated the guidelines or ways It inherited from the Galactic Logos by choosing a logoic-hermeneutic of loving-kindness when It created Its solar system (20.2, 20.20). Thus, any holographic portion of our Logos would have this loving-kindness bias imprinted within each entity’s ontological nature. This potential comes into activation especially at the higher stages of second density and throughout third density when entities awaken into self-awareness and the possibility to exert free will freely. Third-density entities especially have the potential to willingly enter into loving relationship with our Logos resulting in a mutual loving kinship that undergirds our mental, emotional, social, and cultural development. (90.23). Indeed, Ra suggests there is a mutual yearning between the Creator–Who for us is our Sun-Logos–and the incarnate being “in love and light amidst the distortions of free will acting upon the illusion-bound being” (39.6).

Why did our Logos allow us the capacity to feel and conceptualize a loving kinship with It and with the Creation around us? I suspect that there are multiple reasons, but the primary one might be because the Creator, through our Sun-Logos, has chosen to know Itself by ever more sophisticated and nuanced experiments of embodiment.

Earth’s third-density experience may be one of the cutting edges of the Creator’s expression of Itself to date. Ponder this: Earth is the divine Venn diagram where the plenum of the Creator’s free will (First Distortion) is combined with the most updated version of the veil-of-forgetting installed in the Octave’s Operating System.


The Logos’ updated version of the veil includes two features that contribute to the efficacy of the overall Earth-experiment:

  • third-density embodiment evolving from apes,
  • and the most innovative periodic table of consciousness in the form of twenty-two archetypes that structure the way that third-density beings mentally, physically, and spiritually incarnate and evolve.

Ra opines that Logoic choice of human evolution through the ape body’s opposable thumb created the almost “complete probability” that humans would develop speech for inter-communication and for making, holding, and using physical tools (90.12). Both speech and grasping paved the way for humans to learn how to engage with each other and the creation around them with a fuller embodiment than other third-density experiments where communication and capacity to build were accomplished through telepathy and telekinesis.

Furthermore, Ra states that our Logos’ archetypal system which structures Its—and our—conscious awareness and spiritual evolution is the most articulated system ever discovered by any Logos in our entire Octave (91.15). That’s quite a statement!

In other words, the Infinite Creator’s pattern of experiencing Itself through the concept of “finity” reveals the trajectory of Creator’s own evolution: to be the Creator is to become incarnate at ever more articulated levels. If you want to know where the Creator’s greatest and most advanced expression of Its Original Thought (82.10) is located, look no further than the mirror and at your other-selves. That is where you will find the most mature version of the Creator: We are the Creator in the greatest drag ever!

I feel it is warranted to quote Ra in full regarding this last point so that you don’t feel I’m making it up:

The One Original Thought is the harvest of all previous, if you would use this term, experience of the Creator by the Creator. As It decides to know Itself It generates Itself into that plenum, full of the glory and the power of the One Infinite Creator which is manifested to your perceptions as space or outer space. Each generation of this knowing begets a knowing which has the capacity, through free will, to choose methods of knowing Itself. Therefore, gradually, step by step, the Creator becomes that which may know Itself […]. This is for the purpose of refinement of the One Original Thought. The Creator does not properly create as much as It experiences Itself.

Law of One, session 82.10

To sum up this section on the Creator’s bias towards kindness, let me say this: It seems that built into the cosmic algorithm of the creative principle (15.21), there is a direct correspondence between the particular quality of a veiled experience in a third density setting and the intensity of the love that is received through feelings and concepts of a Logos’ offspring. The more intense the veiled experience, the more intense the love, light, joy, power, peace, glory, merriment is available to be received, shared, and returned.


“Kindness” as a term arrives in English from several linguistic traditions. Its etymology reveals two interesting concepts merging into one: “kin” means family or a group that feels like family; “kind” emerged to mean noble, generous, loving gestures of hospitality.

Taken together, “kindness” means something like “loving acts shared among members of a family.”

Of course, “family” suggests a structure of relationships where the many members create one entity, or singularity; One Body, as it were. A family is a microcosm of the perennial cosmic macrosomic reality where the One is the Many and the Many are One.


The structure of “kin” doesn’t have to be a hierarchy of power and control, with the “father” or “king” at the top.

A hierarchy could be seen as a holarchy, like concentric circles emerging out from a center.

Each circle is complete in itself and a part of a larger community, simultaneously. This is the nature of a “holographic picture” of the Creator (13.13).

The Center sources the concentric circles and the concentric circles inform the Center as to what manner of ways It would want to further know Itself. Different ranges emerge as nuances and are further the nature of the Center. In this way, the entire Divine Holarchy is the “protean entity which grows and learns upon a macroscopic scale” (78.22).

In conclusion, I want to highlight that Ra’s use of the phrase, “Your Logos has a bias towards kindness,” really means something very sacred and further illuminates Our Logos’ very nature–and consequently, our own nature. To put it in conventional terms, God chooses to have a loving relationship with us in a certain kind of way: the way of a kin or family. We can choose to live inside this loving family as way to experience God’s ever-lasting peace (34.19), glory (2.6), power (36.24), joy (52.11), infinite love (85.20), and ineffable light (85.20).

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