A Law of One Reflection on Wholeness and “Sin”

By Doug Esse

I reflect with a friend on ways to interpret mystical Christianity from a Law of One perspective.  My friend is a practicing Catholic with a high mystical bent. She enjoys other spiritual material such as the Law of One material, which enriches her understanding of how to live out her faith in practice.


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For those familiar with the Law of One, I invite you to read my response and see how I use conventional themes and words to describe the oneness that is elucidated in the Law of One material.

By the way, this perceived separation that I discuss below would be the byproduct of the “veil of forgetting” that is present in third density. For a fuller exploration of this including perhaps more esoteric themes, please see my article: The Accuser and the Advocate in the Theater of Third Density


Question from my spiritual friend on sin and Satan

“I read the Bible few times and listen to various homilies and church teachings, still couldn’t understand the term satan . What does The Bible mean every time it refers to “satan” . Does satan Really exist ? Who is this satan? Where does Satan come from? Thank you very much.”


Doug: I’d say that Satan is a personification of the illusion of separation. In reality, everything is physical manifestation of an united field of Love. We are all embedded and intrinsic to this field. There is no separation. But there sure seems like there is separation and “Satan” would be an archetype of that separation who “accuses” us of being separate. And when you and I act out from the ethos of separation, that would be sin.

Sin is always in the service of enhancing or maintaining that “separate” bandwidth of consciousness. Sin and Satan could be concepts that find their ultimate expression in the Scapegoat Mechanism. To scapegoat is to “other” and in some way accuse others of being separate from us. You can see that when we participate in the Scapegoat Mechanism, we embody this Satan archetype.

On the other hand, as Rohr and famed sociologist, Rene Girard, suggest, Jesus became the Scapegoat Mechanism—the symbol of the Crucifixion—to reveal to humanity a new way to live that finds its new threshold within the field of the heart. Only from that field can we imagine living as united beings in union with each other and with God.

“Satan falling like lightening” is the veil of separation falling away when the heart is activated


Scapegoating, sin, and Satan—three nuances describing the same bandwidth of consciousness—“falls like lightening” (ref Luke 10:18) from our more dualistic seeing and we awaken on a conscious level into this united field of Love. This would a great way to see how Jesus “saves us” from sin and rescues us from Satan.

To live as an agent of healing and reconciliation, to be single-hearted in not participating in the Scapegoat Mechanism, to learn to die to our False Self’s need for increasing power, prestige, and possessions (ref Fr. Thomas Keating) so that we rise in our True Self that then use our identities and roles in the world in the service of healing and reconciliation, is to live right here and now knowing full well that since there is no separation, there is no death. There is only Love expressed in and through us and creation.

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