“Re-Membering” In Order to Remember Our Inherent Eternal Nature

By Doug Esse

Truth is eternal. The knower of truth is eternal. Each of you is an infinite spirit. The more you can remember who you are the more easily shall you be able to find that center, that place of knowing that is the holy of holies within.

–Q’uo (https://www.llresearch.org/channeling/1996/0825#!0)

“All enlightenment means is that you remember.” — 


I have been focusing on the term: “remember.”

Often channeled messages tells us that if we remember who we really are–the infinite beings that we really are–we would have a different perspective.

Just remember who you are.

Remember your divine nature.

But how? What does that mean?

The answers often given include complex concepts that expound upon esoteric metaphysics. I love complex concepts and esoteric metaphysics, but they don’t usually lead to metanoia, or an expansion of our ability to give love, receive love, and return love. We are told to remember, but not exactly how to do that.

It can also be received by some people as a statement that may elicit shame and guilt, not unlike how a newly “saved” Christian may feel shame that they are not Christian enough once anxiety, depression, or an addiction resurface. In other words, if I am having a hard time in life, but I am told I just need to remember that I am infinite and divine because I am the Creator, then why do I experience emotional and spiritual pain? I might have to conclude that I am not remembering correctly and not doing spirituality like I should.

Philosophical and Pastoral

What if “remembering our divine nature” is a philosophical statement or instruction and not a pastoral one. By this I mean that a philosophical statement can name the truth of reality but to instruct us how to experience, embody, or realize the truth is above its metaphysical paygrade.

However, when I think of “remember“ from the pastoral perspective, I see it differently. It is about re-membering. All of the things in my life, be they objects or events, are “members” that make up my experience of me becoming me. 

If I can learn how to hold them together in some kind of inner spaciousness– where they all belong together–then I feel like I can recognize their sacredness…or holiness…or wholeness, that go into helping me learn how to “become that which I have always been: the Creator (Law of One reference 75.23)

As you can see, this kind of remembering is very different than the notion of invoking a memory that is somehow buried somewhere in the deep mind. Rather, it is an attitude towards my life right now, as it emerges in my life situation that invites me to hold it all together in a conscious way, and then to make the pronouncement that all of this belongs even if I don’t understand fully how or why.

When I can do that, am I not acting as the Creator? Am I not remembering that I am the creator who experiences Itself through manifestation? This interpretation on the word “remember” gives me something to do in the immediacy of my life, something that I can work towards, rather than try to recall something that I forgot.

To sum, I take both of these statements as True: I am the Creator experiencing Itself as Doug and Doug’s life-experience, and I am also Doug who through psychospiritual evolution becomes more and more That which Doug has always been, the Creator.

Being is Becoming. Becoming is Process. Process is Experience. This holy trinity allows us to see that:

Being becomes experience, and experience processes being.

Anyways, I offer this reflection to whomever is trying, like me, to remember our inherent infinite divine nature. We remember by re-membering the plurality of our lives through accepting, forgiving, balancing, and opening ourselves up to more love. Amen!

75.23 Questioner: I am sorry for the confusion. Sometimes, as you say, sound vibration complexes are not very adequate, and I’m sorry.

You made the statement in a previous session that the true adept lives more and more as it is. Will you explain and expand upon that statement?

Ra: I am Ra. Each entity is the Creator. The entity, as it becomes more and more conscious of its self, gradually comes to the turning point at which it determines to seek either in service to others or in service to self. The seeker becomes the adept when it has balanced with minimal adequacy the energy centers red, orange, yellow, and blue with the addition of the green for the positive, thus moving into indigo work.

The adept then begins to do less of the preliminary or outer work, having to do with function, and begins to effect the inner work which has to do with being. As the adept becomes a more and more consciously crystallized entity it gradually manifests more and more of that which it always has been since before time; that is, the One Infinite Creator.

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