Oahspe and the Law of One: What was the intention of the Confederation source who channeled the Oahspe material?

By Doug Esse

I know that Ra says that the Oahspe material was channeled by a member of the same Confederation of which they are senior members.  Ra doesn’t say from which density this source of Oahspe came.  But that the material was from the Confederation means that the ideas in it and the reasoning behind the desire to channel the material to Earth at that time was vetted and passed by the Council of Saturn. Here are Ra’s words.  

This was transmitted by one of Confederation social memory complex status whose idea, as offered to the Council, was to use some of the known physical history of the so-called religions or religious distortions of your cycle in order to veil and partially unveil aspects or primal distortions of the Law of One. All names can be taken to be created for their vibrational characteristics. The information buried within has to do with a deeper understanding of love and light, and the attempts of infinite intelligence through many messengers to teach/learn those entities of your sphere.

Law of One 14.28

Ra’s description of the Oahspe material is important.  Here are their key words which I put quotes: […] one Confederation social memory complex whose idea, as offered to the Council, was to use “some” of the “known physical history” of our “religious distortions” in order to “veil” and “partial unveil” primal distortions of the Law of One. The information “buried within” has to do with a “deeper” “understanding” of love and light…. 

— So what do we learn from these key words? 

1) Only some of the known physical history was used.  This means that other known physical history was intentionally not used. 

2) How much did the developed world actually know about our physical history when it was transmitted? Not a whole lot in comparison to what in know in 2023.

3) What was the source of the “known physical history” that was used? Not the science of the time. Rather, its epistemic sources were religious texts of various traditions. This doesn’t mean that what was known in religious texts agrees with what we scientifically know.  We can’t take it literally, in other words.

4) And religious distortions are pretty distorted on their surface levels, even if at their cores, they can provide pure paths (ref 60.18).

Ra goes on. The purpose of using any history that would be recognizable from those familiar with the sacred texts used to draw the narratives wasn’t to verify the veracity of the history but rather to use the narrative to embed deeper understanding of love and light.  Therefore, I wonder with regards to the Oahspe material, if we are invited to hold the characters and their narrative arcs very lightly and not take them literally, and instead, see what we can see below the surface that is “buried within.” 

We know that 4th density is the density of love and understanding, just like the green-ray energy center is the center for love and understanding.  The former is the macrocosm of the latter, and they are the self-same expression of green-ray’s understanding of love and light except their respective scales of expression.

Oahspe’s Negation of Reincarnation

As to Oahspe’s negation of reincarnation. I haven’t read the material closely but I some who have delved into it and report this. I wonder about these things:

1) In the unique and complex (and intense!) 3rd density environment of Earth, the main issue Ra says is that we humans haven’t been able to process our collective bellicosity. War, rumors of war, and warlike attitudes towards the “Other” have created such a powerful thoughtform vortex in our collective psyche that it acts like a metaphysical black hole whose gravity has warped the spiritual process of psychospiritual evolution into a never-ending repeating loop of experience.  Why? Because most of the worldviews that operate as lenses through which humanity understands itself, God, the cosmos, and our destiny, are shaped by a win-lose foundation (what I call the “warfare spiritual worldview”), so that even if one does well and succeeds according to the rules of said religion, culture, or tradition, they actually entrap themselves even more tightly into the lower-chakra energetics without even knowing. By doing so, they reduce the likelihood that they will learn how to move into the green-ray center which is something that can only be accomplished through surrender. Ra is clear upon this point first in how they describe the Law of Responsibility and secondly in what I call the Patton Phenomenon.  

— From Law of One: 20.17 The lessening of the life span was due primarily to the lack of the building up of positive orientation. When there is no progress those conditions which grant progress are gradually lost. This is one of the difficulties of remaining unpolarized. The chances, shall we say, of progress become steadily less. [see below for Ra’s description of the Law of Responsibility]

–I explore what Ra says about how Patton could increase in polarity but decrease in harvestability.  https://cosmicchrist.net/2022/03/12/the-law-of-one-and-the-patton-phenomenon-34-17-polarizing-more-positively-but-decreasing-in-harvestability/

In such a 3rd density environment, it may not be efficacious to teach the truth about reincarnation because people might become complacent in any given life since they would just assume they’d get it right next time.  It’s kind of like how I might think… “I know I should eat better and exercise more. I will! I will do it! I’ll start tomorrow after my big lunch date at the buffet!” 

Moreover, there are many cultures who do accept reincarnation as fact.  And they are not any more developed psychospiritually than those that don’t.  In fact, in the case of some cultures, they’ve weaponized the teaching of reincarnation into caste systems where one’s supposed karma is on full display given whatever caste they are born into.  If you were born an “untouchable,” well… that sucks for you because you were probably pretty shitty in your past lives, therefore you deserve to shovel our shit. (https://youtu.be/GvrjWlDgE4Y)

My point is that perhaps the Confederation source of the Oahspe material was trying to help Earth humanity double down on their current lives and make them count in terms of polarizing enough to break through the gravity of that black-hole of bellicosity that we have created and maintained. 

2. In truth, there IS only one life. That’s the life that lasts from the moment of our third-density journey until seventh density.  This life lasts billions of years.  This life is subdivided by four densities (3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th densities), these four subdivisions of the One Life are divided by the different reincarnated lives within each density, and these different lives are further subdivided by the waking and sleep states within space/time embodiment.  That is, each time you sleep at night is a death, and each time you awaken in the morning is a rebirth.  

3. It is also possible that the Confederation member that channeled the Oahspe material felt that it would be more problematic for a Western audience of Christian background in the late 19th century in the United States to focus on reincarnation given that it has generally been held as heretical by the contemporary milieu pervading at that time. Perhaps their experiment with the Oahspe material was to downplay the reincarnation bit and emphasize other variables in order to see what sticks in our collective consciousness. Then, when what stuck was evaluated, they could see if it would lead to a deeper understanding of green-ray’s love and light lessons in order to formulate as efficacious a tool to help us with harvesting.  Said differently, maybe Oahspe is some kind of long-term (from our point of view, anyways) focus group: introduce an idea to a subset of a population, see what works and what doesn’t, then use the data to continue honing an effective pedagogy that would emerge over time through various other sources.  

Anyways, these are just my thoughts for now and I already know I am wrong, distorted as we all are.  

“i033 Tablet of Se’moin. Panic language means earth-language; things were named after the sounds they uttered; thus, the soul of each thing spoke, and that which was voiced was called the Panic language. Panic was the first language on earth but was not written until Se’moin, given in the time of Sethantes, being the first written language given to I’hins. As such, Se’moin represents the first explanation of creation ever given to man.”

22.5 Questioner: Then can you give me a— Can I assume then that this drastic drop from 700-year life span to one— less than one hundred years in length during this second 25,000-year period was because of an intensification of a… of a condition of lack of service to others? Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is in part correct. By the end of the second cycle, the Law of Responsibility had begun to be effectuated by the increasing ability of entities to grasp those lessons which there are to be learned in this density. Thus, entities had discovered many ways to indicate a bellicose nature, not only as tribes or what you call nations but in personal relationships, each with the other, the concept of barter having given way in many cases to the concept of money; also, the concept of ownership having won ascendancy over the concept of non-ownership on an individual or group basis.

Each entity then was offered many more subtle ways of demonstrating either service towards others or service to self with the distortion of the manipulation of others. As each lesson was understood, those lessons of sharing, of giving, of receiving in free gratitude— each lesson could be rejected in practice.

Without demonstrating the fruits of such learn/teaching the life span became greatly reduced, for the ways of honor/duty were not being accepted.

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