Christ Omega As the King/Queen Re-Orders the Disorder: A Dream and Dialog With Layers

An Article by Doug Esse

The following is from a dream I had last night which was very mystical and powerful. I then employed active imagination skills when I awoke to dialog and essentially channel my higher self. When I channeled my higher self, I let go of my thinking brain and just wrote what came to me. It was a true dialog and I was surprised and pleased by what unfolded. I learned about the nature of Christ, fourth-density, and my own inner journey. I learned how the Christ Principle is both King and Queen and re-orders the necessary disorder inherent in these times, both cosmic and otherwise.


Background: Fr. Bob was the remarkable and loving Catholic chaplain I had in college.  Yet, he was narrow in his thinking and conservative theologically. He provided a good structure and container that was helpful for many of us college kids since he was a stable and solid, wise male presence, but one might say that he sometimes was out of touch with the complexity of young adults in the mid-nineties.  



We were attending Mass at a huge stadium. The Catholic Campus Center at my university had grown so much in just a couple of years that it went from the very small center where I was a leader among a few friends to a huge stadium filled with tens of thousands of nameless young adults.  I was overwhelmed with the cacophony at the beginning and Mass hadn’t even started yet.  The feeling of the crowd was excitement, joy, urgency, and expectancy.

Then suddenly, there was panic from those at the bottom of the stadium.  A huge flood with clear blue water began to rise. It’s waves were threatening.  No one died but the water was uncontained.  Young adults were scrambling up the sides to escape.  

I was pissed at Fr. Bob because I felt that he didn’t have the ability, competence, or foresight to control the growth of the spiritual popularity.  I remembered longingly that just a couple of years ago, life was more quiet and contained. I didn’t like Fr. Bob’s out-of-touchness and this was the result.  

Then, a slimy salamander-like female goddess of sorts arose from the bottom of the water.  She was brown, mud-covered, and ancient. She was mostly featureless, although clearly female. Yet, she opened her eyes to reveal a crystal clear blue and golden iris that shined with a pristine quality; almost catlike pupils.

I wondered if she were a demon at first.  Then the word, “Chthonic” came to my mind.  She was from the underworld in my soul.  I realized that she was an angel and her role has been to live down there, way deep in the primitive parts of me.  She got busy building walls in the stadium to contain the water.  This brought order and structure to a chaotic scene.  I was shocked at her appearance, at her impulse to create walls, but I was relieved that someone had arrived to help.  Her name, it was revealed to me, was Marigold Goldiberry. A picture of the marigold flower jumped into my head and I saw the beautiful red and orange petals. 

Marigold flowers, red-orange like the first two chakras


Me: Higher Self, why am I receiving this dream right now? What does it mean? Does the stadium-filled Mass represent spiritual growth?

HS: You are right to assume that the growth in your upper chakras has been very robust, extraordinarily expansive…and quickly it has grown.  That this growth was centered around spiritual endeavors (revealed in the dream through the symbols of Mass, church, religion) reveals the nature of the growth.  However, when you grow too quickly without balancing the lower chakras (red and orange, specifically), you are not stable enough to hold the emergence of the sub-conscious and the unconscious as they reveal themselves.  Yes, the water was clear and blue, which suggests health and life-giving quality.  But its turbulence suggests turmoil. Turmoil is not bad but definitely abrupt. Disorder is needed to move from order to reorder.

Me: Who is Fr. Bob in my dream?

HS: He represents the old, the overly codified, sense of yourself that has answers that no longer suffice for the level of complexity at play. He is an old king figure, the king archetype, and helpful for a time. But he is not the kind of king that is now required. A king as an archetype holds it all together and plans appropriately for growth. The old king or ways of thinking become too rigid and much is missed in the overall seeing. A true king works with the whole because he employs others and delegates responsibility. A wise king/queen allows for the growth/emergence of the unconscious to rise within a contained area so that it can be dipped into and enjoyed, studied with care.

Me: Why did you say, “king/queen?” 

HS: Because a true king or the royal male principal is androgynous in essence and contains the female principal in equal parts but leads with the male principal to direct and manage the re-ordering.

Me: Does the king/queen represent the seventh chakra?

HS: Yes, and notice the golden crown upon the head. Your seventh chakra reveals the state of your wholeness.  

Me: And who is Marigold Goldiberry?  

HS: She is an angel of the depths…. primordial, old in years, and is, in fact, part of the king/queen archetype that comes to aid in construction of yourself in each incarnation.   She is royalty and contains when necessary by building structures that hold that which arises in you.  She is the angel that helps mold your red-ray body which is that elemental body that will house your incarnation.  She also molds your orange ray body which is linked with your sense of self as an individual. 

Me: So if she is a part of the king/queen archetype, and the latter is the seventh chakra representing the whole, then are all other archetypes a part of the king/queen archetype?  

HS: Yes.  They are holons of the king/queen, a part of the greater whole (wholeness, holistic, holiness, holy, halo, crown, seven, seventh chakra), and they are simultaneously a thing in themselves (ding an sich). 

Me: What is she doing, then, when she is constructing the walls to contain the water of the unconscious?  

HS: She is fortifying your lower two chakras and making their boundaries stronger.  

Me: Why?

HS: Because your sense of self since you are a mediatrix soul is very malleable and porous which can lead you to overly identify and/or through empathic resonance, pick up too much energy from others, especially the collective.

Me: So is this dream about others too?

HS: Your dreams are multilayered. This one first applies to you and secondarily reveals that the whole collective awaits the great shift.

Me: The shift into fourth density?

HS: Yes, there is excitement in the nameless, multitudinous crowd, which represents the collective humanity on Earth. You are all in Advent Season, awaiting the shift but the shifting is a passage of disorder.  

Me: Is this why there seems to be emotional chaos everywhere?

HS: Yes, the great collective unconscious is churning and arising. It seems threatening. 

Me: Then who can be the king/queen or queen/king that can reorder the disorder? 

HS: This is key.  The King/Queen and Queen/King is Christ-as-Divine-Feminine.  

Me: Christ-as-Divine Feminine? This would seem to be putting together a traditionally masculine term, “Christ,” with what is clearly feminine. 

HS: Yes, exactly.  Christ whose icon you understand as “Jesus Christ” was this male/female principal of the Logos, Itself, that was not just the person of Jesus but in fact the gestalt of the love between Mary Magdalene and Jesus which allowed Jesus to channel so perfectly the Logos that he became the purified, undistorted living Archetype of Wholeness, Itself. This is what is meant by “Christ the King.”  “King” is the archetype of wholeness.

Christ the King, holds it all together

Me: So “Christ” does not just mean Jesus?

HS: No.  “Christ” is the result or gestalt of putting together preordained ingredients in just such a way so that a face-to-face interaction could occur between the Logos as incarnated third density beings and the Whole-King, Universal Christ, or Logos, Itself.  

Me: What were the ingredients?

HS: Mary, the mother of Jesus was a manifested being belonging to the Divine Feminine Principle. Jesus was the alchemical creation fired into being by the consummation of the Logos as Divine Masculine Principle and the Divine Feminine Principle.  The vocation of Jesus was to create a vortex, a divine funnel, from the Logos to the 3rd density so that a face-to-face encounter could take place for the purpose of expressing Love in its complete, purist, most undistorted fashion in order to reconcile Earth’s third density’s heavy energetic insistence of the separation between creation and the Logos with the reality following the Law of One. 

Jesus was living flint and steel and whom you know as Mary Magdalene incarnated in order to provide the striking together of the flint and steel by her love for Jesus and his love for her.  Indeed, it was the relationship, itself, between Jesus and Mary that became the touchstone where the Divine Vortex could emerge as a Divine Fire.  The flint and steel, the striking, and the spark created the Divine Portal that erupted upon the scene like a new Big Bang of Love/Fire. “Christ” is the anointed “oneing” of all of the parts together to make a manifested whole. Christ is integrity embodied. 

Christ as Alpha is the pre-manifested wholeness that contains all things prior to exploding on the scene before the Cosmic Big Bang. 

Christ as Omega is the arising of that same wholeness but now on the other side of manifestation, having completed the evolutionary journey. 

Christ as Omega is the future of all of creation once it passes through all seven densities. It is manifestation fully united and merged back into its plenum from whence it came.  What happened with the Jesus Christ Event was that this future “oneing” was put together and made visible and manifest right at the end of your planet’s third density.   

Jesus Christ, therefore, is the full expression of what happens in Reality. 

The Alpha, or pre-materialized Logos–the cosmic egg–explodes into the elements.  The elements are made up of coagulated light. These elements consummate and coagulate in a dance of erotic creativity and new forms of this divine essence emerge. Over billions of years, the same divine essence moves through stages of evolution and finally emerges as light again but now replete with the knowledge of what it is like to journey from seeming separation to complete union. 

Christ as Omega is the total At-One-Ment at the end of the journey of materialization and this At-One-Ment was intentionally packaged together and made visible in the last minor cycle of Earth’s third density experience.  

Me: Wow.  Thank you.  I feel dizzy now.  I will ponder this message and share it. So, Christ is the king/queen inside of me who is reordering the disorder?

HS: The Christ Principle–the putting together the Divine Masculine and Feminine with the material world–is your king/queen that will reorder the disorder.  This is Christ Consciousness.  And this is true for the human collective.  Christ Consciousness beckons Itself as third density beings from the realm of Wholeness, beyond seventh density. It calls Itself in third density to go beyond the illusion of separation into the density of love and understanding.  Its calling forth is an answer to the calls for aid from Itself incarnated as third density beings.  Let those in third density with the ears to hear heed this call of the King/Queen to reorder the disorder into the “kindom” of fourth density.

“Thy kin(g)dom come, Thy will be done…”

3 thoughts on “Christ Omega As the King/Queen Re-Orders the Disorder: A Dream and Dialog With Layers

  1. A beautiful vision of wholeness. Of the journey from separation to the ultimate grace of oneness. From inner Christ realization to ultimate Christ identification. Most remarkable inspiration! We are not alone on the journey – we are the journey and the journey is us. To love the splendid reflections. If I only remember – the pain of growth lessens. She is Serenity.


  2. Wow. This is intense and beautiful. AND it explains an awful lot. Oddly enough, I’m in the middle of reading Anna, Grandmother of Jesus and am right at the part where Mary conceives Jesus through Light Conception. Thank you for this, it is so helpful. And I do love all of the images you find. Ciao ciao!


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